Question: How do I get selected?

Answer: Talk to your school music teacher. Let them know you would like to be nominated for a position with Musicians Abroad. Complete the application process and wait for your acceptance.

Question: Are there informational meetings?

Answer: Yes! We have several meetings located in a zone near you. Attend the meeting to find out specifics of the tour and what will be required.

Question: Can parents go on this trip?

Answer: In some instances, parents may be allowed to travel with the tour. Those openings will be made available during the selection of cast process.

Question: Who is the faculty for the group?

Answer: Each state has a selected organizer and several instructors for the tour. All are certified professors or secondary education music teachers. Your teacher may be on the faculty. Faculty members and organizers may change for future trips.

Question: Can I be selected as a touring member for multiple years?

Answer: Musicians Abroad organizes a tour for your state bi-annually. Since the tour is open to high school students through the first completed year of college, you may only have one opportunity to travel on this tour.

Question: How long is the tour?

Answer: Each trip may be slightly different however, most have three days of instruction followed by 14 days of travel.

Question: Can I be in a group from a different state than where I live?

Answer: In some instances, you may be allowed to participate in a state tour even though you don’t reside in that state. Complete the ask us form and we will contact you for more specifics.

Question: What is the cost of the tour?

Answer: Every tour is different and may include items that another tour does not. Pricing and payment schedules will be outlined during the kick-off meeting.